Heavy Duty Fibreglass Extension Ladders

Heavy Duty Fibreglass Extension Ladders

Our range of Heavy Duty Fibreglass Extension Ladders are designed with safety in mind allowing you to work safely on most low voltage installations. Our range of fibreglass extension ladders provide you with separation from earth situations and with a 150kg load bearing step rating we provide a truly high quality industrial product.
  • Fibreglass Construction
  • Industrial Duty Rating
  • 150kg Load Rating
  • Lightweight Design
  • Double Rivet Reinforcement on all treads
  • Triangular Double Bracing
  • Anti Slip Treads
  • Manufactured to Australian/New Zealand
    Standards AS/NZS 1892.3:1996

Product Range

model number height m height ft weight
RBLFEX260/410 2.6M - 4.1M 8.5FT - 13.5FT 16.6KGS
RBLFEX330/530 3.2M - 5.3M 10.5FT - 17.5FT 19.9KGS
RBLFEX380/650 3.8M - 6.5M 12.5FT - 21.5FT 23.2KGS
RBLFEX430/770 4.4M - 7.7M 14.5FT - 25.5FT 26.5KGS

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